Welcome To Peace Presbyterian Church

Peace Church is wonderfully welcoming.  Its people take seriously Jesus’s command to “Love one another as I have loved you.”  We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person – as Jesus taught in the gospels – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental ability, nationality, or economic class.  All are equally accepted and embraced here.  We believe this spirit is essential to our shared faith and life.

We seek to stand with the outcast and oppressed, the denigrated and afflicted, seeking peace and justice for everyone.

Our goal is to walk humbly with God, acknowledging our own shortcomings while honestly seeking to understand and to call for the best in others.  We believe that in Christ all things are made new and that all God’s children are loved beyond our wildest imagination, forever.

We claim the sacredness of both our minds and hearts, recognizing that faith and science, doubt and belief all serve the pursuit of truth.

Check us out.  Consider making Peace Church a base for your own faith journey.

Peace and Joy!