The psalmist exhorts us, in Psalm 100:2, to serve the LORD with gladness, and to come before His presence with singing.  At Peace Church, we follow this teaching with music that praises God, touches the soul, and supports the Scriptures. The members of Peace Church choir are the worship leaders in music, and in many cases the leaders of other ministries of the church. We meet for rehearsal every Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m., a time of learning, fellowship, and focusing on the spiritual blessings of praising God in song. This time together helps to prepare our hearts for Sunday morning worship.

Music is an ever-changing phenomenon, and we believe in celebrating this diversity with many different types of sacred expression. This is enhanced by our Baldwin SD10 Concert Grand piano. We use this piano almost exclusively in our Sunday morning worship, with some special music played on our Allen organ. Our director, Guy Hawker, is also our service musician and coordinates all music, from preludes and offertories to anthems, to serve the spiritual needs of our congregation.

The spirit of our choir members is contagious! We have heard some of them say that Wednesday rehearsal is the highlight of their week, and this is verified by excellent rehearsal attendance year round. We believe in serving the Lord with gladness, so our choir rehearsals are both focused and fun.

This quote provides an interesting insight into the benefits of singing in the church choir:
This choir has enriched my life with many friends over the years and I have learned such a volume of beautiful music. The music has enriched my spiritual experience every Sunday. When reading the Bible now, I come across scripture that I have sung in various anthems and that I have now memorized. I feel that I am an active contributing member of my church. I understand the significance of singing certain anthems and participating in certain rituals as they pertain to religious observances in our church.


Peace Church choir welcomes you to sing with us. Won’t you come to rehearsal and give us a try?