October 30 Update

Many thanks to our congregation for its prayers and participation over the past 2 months! In September, we held three congregational chat session as well as received input from many informal conversations.   A total of 21 people from the congregation (including 5 non-member/regular attendees) participated in the meetings with session members present to observe each one.  There were also hand-written responses to the questions from those who were unable to attend a meeting.  The calculated response rate based on active members was 42% which is a number to be proud of.  In fact, the benchmark for church response to be considered as a success is between 22-23%.
The meetings were used to identify God-given spiritual gifts and leadership skills and abilities which were then used to help complete the  drafting of PPC’s MIF along with additional input from Session and from our COM liaison. All of these responses, inputs, and prayers were helpful.  We are proud to announce that the MIF has been approved by Session and  has been submitted to the COM for approval.  Once approved, it will be published to the CLC website. 

Note: See 9/29/14 blog posting for more information on the process of searching for a pastor in the PC(USA).